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Active Hen goals..

Hen Dos have been turning a corner over the last couple of years. No longer do ladies want a night out in Revs with Jaeger Bombs sipped through penis straws. We want a weekend of fun, creative and unique experiences, making memories with the girls and forming new friendships with the groom’s sisters..
Enter, Funky Moves Hen Do dance packages!
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Funky Moves provide a relaxed, friendly and super fun atmosphere to encourage even the most apprehensive of movers to throw themselves head first into the scheduled activities. Plus on the scientific side of things, dance is obviously renowned for releasing endorphins, making you happy and keeping you gorgeously fit. So what better way to kick start a weekend of prosecco and embarrassing stories, than by laughing, sweating and feeling extra SASSY.
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Our options are literally endless. We provide ourselves on creating a totally unique and bespoke service, tailor-made to each client’s requirements. So if your bride would love to make their own 80s-themed pop video, dreams of being able to breakdance or is an old school raver who wants a UV silent-disco, we have the capabilities, expertise and instructors to deliver an unforgettable dance experience!
For more information, please visit;
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What about the bridesmaids..?

So here it finally is! My little website for you all!

I thought I’d take this opportunity to tell you a bit about how Maid with Style came to fruition. I have been working in the bridal industry now for 8 years. My job has been to find the bride the wedding dress of her dreams. I’ve spent years figuring out how to spot the correct dress for each individual that walks through the door. What is her style? What will her day be like? What will her future husband/wife be wearing? How can we compliment their outfit? With all of these questions answered and after trying on a selection of gowns, there it is..the one!

It is the most exciting moment to have the honour of sharing with a bride and her bridal party. I myself have even been brought to tears on more than one occasion! Now that the bride has picked her stunningly stylish gown, the next question is always the same, “What about the bridesmaids?”


Ah yes “What about the bridesmaids?” This question is always asked in a nervous tone and a look of fear of the next arduous task at hand. Each bride I have met wants their bridesmaids to look and feel fabulous, they want to show their individuality, they don’t want them looking like a pack of crayons that have been squished in to an ill fitting sheath! They want them to be just as stylish as the bride and to wear something they would be happily wear again!

The bride would always ask me how they can get the kind of look that you see in the bridal magazines, where all of the dresses were so individual and from different brands. By this point I had usually met most of the bridesmaids and so began the whole process of finding the dream dress once again but this time the dream look for each individual bridesmaid. I would visit ASOS, Topshop, Warehouse; all of the best high street brands as well as discovering new brands. The list would be compiled and I would send the bride an email with links to each dress. The dresses would be ordered and quite often they would have a trying on session all together at home making a night of it!

So this is how Maid with Style London was born. I want each bridal party to have the opportunity to see all the best of the best in one website, allowing more time for the important stuff and an opportunity to enjoy the process!

If you dress day-to-day keeping up with Londons latest trends, why should you not for the big day?!
With people like ASOS, misguided and many more now doing bridal, it is becoming easier to access all of these trends. Maid with Style London just puts it all in one stop for you.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the website!

written by Michaela Starck (Founder and Editor) 🙂