DIY Wedding-Day Makeup for Bridesmaids
12 Sep 2017

DIY Wedding-Day Makeup for Bridesmaids

Being a bridesmaid is an honor — often an expensive, time-consuming honor, but an honor nonetheless. That being said, it really bugs me when I attend a fancy wedding and see the bride’s closest family and friends dressed in the matching formal gowns, with flowers and updos and heels… and their everyday makeup. When a bridesmaid looks like she slapped on whatever was in the bottom of her makeup bag that morning, a little piece of me dies.

Nobody understands more than I do that we can’t all afford to hire a makeup artist. I’ve always loved doing makeup, so when my best friend of over 20 years asked me to apply makeup on the rest of the bridal party, I happily agreed. I spent the weeks leading up to the wedding choosing colors and products, keeping in mind the different skin types and tones of the group, plus the various ages of the bridal party members (from pre-teen junior bridesmaids to the mother of the bride). Clearly, one “face” was not going to cut it.

Here’s how you can get a fabulous smoky eyed look that is party-appropriate and special enough for the wedding of the season!

Consider dress color. If you’re wearing a jewel tone (think blue, green, purple), you can absolutely incorporate this into your eye shadow application. If your dress is a warm color, like red, orange, pink, you may want to stick with the traditional black/gray palette to avoid scaring people away at the buffet line (unless you want all of the mini crabcakes for yourself, of course; in that case, pinkeye away!).  And if you’re wearing black or gray, you can pull off any shade.