Do’s and Don’ts of Picking the Perfect Bridesmaid Dress
17 Aug 2017

Do’s and Don’ts of Picking the Perfect Bridesmaid Dress

DO keep in mind your personal style, especially how the bridesmaid dress will look with your own dress and the overall look of your wedding. Even though you are not wearing it, your bridesmaid dress is still a reflection of your own taste and aesthetic.

1 Color Palette
DO pick a color that will be prominent in the color palette for your wedding but DON’T feel limited to just one color. You can do a color combination or multiple shades in the same color family. Popular mixes are nude/pink/blush, green/turquoise/blue, and ombres such as red to pink.

2 Consider the Cost
DON’T decide on a dress without checking with your bridesmaids budgets. Be sensitive to everyones finances. If you absolutely love a dress that some of your girls might have difficulty affording, consider contributing a portion of the cost or find a similar dress at a lower price poin

3 Choose a Flattering Style
DO keep in mind the body types of your bridesmaids. Are they comfortable in certain styles? Feel free to mix different styles, or pick one that is generally flattering for all body types.

4 Think Timeless
DON’T feel glued to what is trending. Stick with classic styles and colors that will stand the test of time.

5 Remember, Its Your Wedding
DON’T pick something just because you think it is re-wearable. A bridesmaid dress is precisely that, a dress for your bridesmaid to wear to your wedding. If it ends up getting re-worn, that is a bonus, but not something that you should stress out about!